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Alright game fans, I am going to make this short and sweet. If you like scary games, you gotta try Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare. Set in the wild west in the early 1900’s, you are a gun slinger on a mission to find a cure for what ails the ones you love; a zombie disorder. The dialogue is mostly ridiculous, sometimes unintentionally funny, and generally silly. But the game itself is awesome. Zombies all over the place, run run run, shoot em up. Althought there are many areas where there is nothing but quiet, wide open countryside, the game has plenty of zombies in all shapes and sizes. If it has ever had a heartbeat, it can become a zombie. And they all want to eat you or hurt you. They are scary looking, scary sounding, and my favorite part is how scary they are when they move at you. Some of them move sideways on all fours and are really quick. Scared the hell outta me. On my list of must play scary games, this one ranks in the top ten. And when I rate a game I rate it on its ability to make me jump, and the hebegebees factor. I give Red Dead Redemption a 3.5 bloody thumbs up out of 5.