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mscottIn the words of Michael Scott, “Without a doubt, coffee is the single best incentivisor for an office”. Granted 2 out of the 3 brewers I am reviewing are home units, I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to quote one of my all time favorite TV characters.

So for Christmas, my main squeeze got me a Tassimo coffee machine. It is the second Tassimo I have owned. The first one I bought myself in 2007. I liked it, and used it until some time in late 2009 when I moved to a new city and gave it to a friend. That machine was great. The only issue I had with it was how noisy it was. Yikes, could wake the dead! But alas, that machine is history. In early 2010 I had the opportunity to go and work at a coffee distribution centre. My passion for coffee had me chomping at the bit, and I took a pay decrease to accept the job. We sold and rented out Keurig coffee machines to local businesses. As well as coffee and accessories etc. but that’s not important. A short time after I started there, we realized I wasn’t a good fit. The staff was all members of a particular church, and well… I am not a church goer. So yeah. Anyway, management and I decided that I should find a company that practices more diversity. But to demonstrate there were no hard feelings, they gave me a parting gift; A brand new Keurig B155! Keep in mind, this was a company that sold to businesses. This aint no home brewing system. Astonished, I wasn’t about to look the gift horse in the mouth, I accepted the gift. I got rid of it like a month later. The thing was a piece of garbage. It worked fine for the first 2 weeks. Then the bugs and quirks began to surface. Most annoying of them all being that the machine decided that no matter what anyone did, it would not brew more than half a cup (4oz) of coffee per K-cup. Other issues were mostly to do with the computer screen and electronics of the machine. Rebooting the machine became a daily task, and swiftly turned into an every single time you use the darn thing task. Not cool. So, out of frustration I sent it packing. I remember working at the coffee company and how I received at least one service call request per day. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot, but for state of the art machines, that seemed to be too often.

So I went for the last almost 3 years without a brewer. I tried my hand at the french press, but after living in Europe and experiencing REAL french pressed coffee, the home-made deal just couldn’t cut the muster. Which left me with the costly option of heading to Second Cup or Starbucks every day. When my man asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I realized that I had seen Tassimo making a rather impressive comeback. So, I asked him for a new Tassimo brewer. t20-black_1_jpg_220x320_q85Didn’t care which one, just as long as it wasn’t a Keurig. Christmas morning, I got my wish – not to mention an amazing cup of coffee lol. He got me the Tassimo T20 https://www.tassimo.ca/en/brewers/t20/

I have a feeling we are gonna wear this baby out. It has become the most used appliance in the house, going off at least twice every morning, and then one to two times in the afternoon, then again one to three times an evening. Yes, the Tdiscs are costly, BUT still is less than going to a big chain coffee company for a quality cup of java. My favorites, the French Vanilla Espresso Latte, the Caramel Espresso Latte, and the Second Cup selection.

Bottom line, I LOVE my Tassimo, and when it dies from overuse, I will replace it with a third Tassimo. BTW, my new Tassimo is only slightly louder than the Keurig, but still 75% quieter than the original Tassimos were. If you love coffee and want a good brewer, my money is on Tassimo! I give it 5 out of 5 coffee beans.

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