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Loving to travel, sand and sun, buffets galore, and infinity pools, I knew I needed to get myself some waterproof makeup. First and foremost would be eyeliner. After much research I came to the conclusion that a product line called 24-7 by Urban Decay was the route to go. So where to buy said products? Online of course, or at Sephora (in the mall and online). So to the mall I went.

It had been years since I traveled to a sunny destination, and back in the day the waterproof makeups available (which were purchased at Zellers or your local drugstore) were… how to put this? Crap! Yeah, that’ll do. Cakey, flakey, crusty, stinky, smeary, oily, goopy, gloppy concoctions that almost guaranteed to provide you with a fresh acne attack, and offered little water resistance (if any). My how things have changed. Yup, Sephora was a whole new experience for me. But that’s a review of its own! Moving on, so I’m in the store and I locate the Urban Decay selection. The products seem relatively pricey compared to Shoppers Drugmart lol, but for the most part I still thought the prices were reasonable. Now, not only are they reasonable, they are inconceivable. How can they make money off such incredible products?! I looked at the rainbow of eyeliner colours available and thought to myself, hmmm am I too old to pull off peacock colored eyeliner? I decided better to play it safe and stick to the more neutral tones. But fyi, they have amazing colors. So with neutral in mind, and knowing that my milk chocolate eyes look lovely lined in bronzes, browns, and blacks, I turned my attention to the warm earthy tones. I tested a few colours on the back of my hand and settled on the colour “Bourbon” ($23.00). It falls between a medium and a dark brown, closer to dark, with gold sparkles. Ooooh, I love sparkly things. The colour is rich, and just what I wanted. So into the metaphorical shopping cart it went. Really I just kept it in my hand lol. Then I took note of the selection of blacks. Yes, selection of blacks. What a wonderful thing. So again I began testing eyeliners on the back of my hand, when suddenly, a heavenly choir from above sounds in as I found the most incredible black eyeliner I had ever seen. The colour, “Perversion” ($23.00). The blackest thing I have ever seen. I mean black black, no light could get through it, matte black. Thick, rich, deep colour. If you like a sexy smokey eye, or a centerfold look, this is the liner for you. I don’t like mucking around with pots of eye liquid and trying to brush it on, and armed with this eyeliner, I will never have to 🙂 Into the shopping cart with you. Last product purchased that trip was a waterproof mascara by Urban Decay called “Cannonball” ($24.00). Will review that later.

Products in hand I head to the counter. They give me a bunch of free samples (I signed up, highly recommended), I paid for my order, then I headed home. Throughout the rest of the day, I showered, cooked dinner, did the dishes, etc. I went to bed, woke up the next morning, and guess what? The eyeliners on the back of my hand from the day before were still there. SOLD! I love my new makeup. Goes on smooth, stays put, no flakes, no fading, just true, rich colour that comes off when YOU want it to.

And so you know, I did take this new makeup on vacation to Puerto Vallarta. I spent the entire trip either in the pool, or in the jungle. I swam, completely submerged, and patted my face dry at least 5 times a day. And not once did I need to reapply my eyeliner. It is no longer my vacation eyeliner. It is my everyday use eyeliner. It is the BEST eyeliner I have ever used and plan to continue buying it as long as they keep making it. I give it a 5 liners out of 5.