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Ok, first of all yes. I know it sounds insane, but anti aging has moved into hair care. Crazy! The thing is though, it seems to be a good thing?!

I have noticed that my ends always seem split – even just days after a cut. My fly aways are at an all time high, and don’t get me started on the dull limp lifelessness of my aged hair. I have always been cursed with thin hair, but it has never been as bad as the last year and a half. In that time I can’t even tell you how much money, time, and effort has been spent in an attempt to rejuvenate my hair. Sadly, to no avail. But wait, hold the phone, I think I have found the answer to my prayers.

IMG_1976A few weeks ago, I was shopping at my favorite store (for those of you not keeping up, Sephora). I had the opportunity to get some travel sized hair products for a really good deal, so I figured, why not!?! I mean at this point, no joke, I have tried over 2 dozen different shampoo/conditioner combos, peanut butter, eggs, mayonnaise, olive oil, essential oils, coconut oil, lye soap, vinegar, honey, vitamin supplements, and over a dozen different leave in serums. Nothing has worked… with exception to the H.2.Ion leave in, and the eggs; recipe at the bottom of this page. But the H.2.Ion is only to be used if you are going to apply heat to your hair when styling, and the eggs are only a short-lived fix. So anyway, I go ahead and buy this stuff, Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner by Alterna, in hopes that it will work. And yippee skippee it did. I am still in shock. I get in the shower, use a small amount of each product, get out of the shower, towel my hair and allow it to air dry. NO LEAVE IN products required. And when my hair is almost dry, I run a wide comb through my tresses, and that’s it. Once completely dry, it has motion, bounce, a shine like nobodies business, a really nice smell, and craziest of all, seriously I can’t prove it to you but I wish I could, my hair looks like it was JUST cut, every single time I use this stuff. It mends my split ends. I have heard claims of this ability by Pantene and Loreal, but no dice on both fronts. I didn’t believe it was possible, but hand to God, no split ends anymore unless I stop using the product. To me, that’s a small price to pay. Even my man keeps complimenting me on the sudden reappearance of my youthful locks.

If you are in your 30’s or beyond and experiencing the straw hair syndrome, ladies, you gotta try this stuff. I have waited a few weeks to write this review to make sure that this stuff is the real deal, and not just a fluke. Thank you Alterna, I have found the product I have been looking for. And I have zero intent on switching. Why mess with a good thing? I give this product a solid 5 suds out of 5.


My egg wash: I crack 1 large egg into my blender, I add 2 tsp of olive oil, 3-5 drops of lavender essential oil, 2 drops of tea tree oil, then blend it until thoroughly combined with an even texture. I wash my hair with this, really focusing on the scalp, and then allow it to sit in my hair for a couple of minutes while I lather the rest of the old bod, then rinse with cool water. Shampoo and condition as normal and I have instantly fuller, shinier hair. Only lasts until next shower though.