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So I have had the opportunity to try a few different drinks over the past couple of days and here are my findings…

Starbucks Canada’s current feature flavor: Hazelnut Macchiato3 beans
In short, doesn’t live up to the hype. It pretty well tastes like a regular Macchiato. I could barely taste the hazelnut flavoring in the drizzle. I wouldn’t order it again, and I would only recommend it to someone who is looking for a tame, ordinary, or plain hot beverage. The only way to enjoy this beverage as a Hazelnut Macchiato would be to request that they add a shot of hazelnut syrup before the pour. As it stands though, I give it a 3 beans out of 5.

Caramel Macchiato2.5 beans
Honestly, I found this disappointing. The similar version at Second Cup is wayyyy better. While this Macchiato is drinkable, again I must say I wouldn’t order it, nor recommend it. I give this bevvy a 2.5 beans out of 5.

Caffe‘ Mocha3 beans
I can’t believe this, I hate that I am not able to give these drinks higher ratings. The Caffe‘ Mocha I received did not look like the one pictured on their website. There was no whipped topping on mine, and sorry but the whipping cream is one of the things that takes a regular coffee/hot chocolate hybrid from just a drink, to fantastic. My Caffe‘ Mocha was equivalent to, and I can’t believe I am about to write this, but equivalent to a cafe mocha from Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s, or even worse, 7-11. The Caffe‘ Mocha that was served to me was disappointing and I would not reorder it, nor recommend it… unless they up their game and make it properly. The only saving grace which brought this from a 2.5 up to a 3 was the fact that the cocoa used was a higher quality.

Tazo Green Tea LatteCoffee beans , identical , in a row
Ok, I know this isn’t a coffee, but whatever. It is on the menu, and seriously worth reviewing. If you like earthy and natural, than this Latte is a 5 out of 5. The flavor is rich, with a slight texture, lovely light bouquet, and just the right amount of sweet. I will order this again, and again lol. Would I recommend it…? Only if you like green tea, and you like something with a more organic feel to it, something a little different. I love it, but I do think it is an acquired taste.