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I have stated that this restaurant is fit for foodies, allow me to elaborate: this is a restaurant that would appeal to pretentious individuals who enjoy throwing around wads of money so they can spend time competing with their equally pompous friends and taking the opportunity to further indulge their own vanity by enjoying the sound of their own voice as they rave about the absurd menu. XIX was incredibly loud – so loud that we were unable to hear our own table’s conversations. There was no privacy as we were able to clearly see every person who was dining there that night. The ambiance, although new and modern looking, was sterile and cold with a complete lack of individual character and intimacy. The menu was… creative? There were very few choices on the menu, most of which were concoctions that left even fewer choices for people with special dietary requirements and the prices were ridiculously high – especially considering how small the portions were. The wine list was fairly decent, but again with the prices!! The hostesses were dressed inappropriately, low-class dress in an upscale place? Unacceptable. As for the meal itself, the food on the regular menu was so unpalatable by my standards that my partner and I ended up requesting the bar menu and placing our order from that. Our guests ordered from the regular menu. My dinner was expensive and not worth the money. I literally ate 1/3 of my meal. My partners meal, the beef dip, was amazing. Best beef dip either of us had ever tried. As for our guests, 50% of them enjoyed their meal, the other 50% thought the food was bland and would not order their dishes again. The only thing that earned a 5 star rating from me… the waiter. Our waiter was very good. He was witty, charming, eager to please, and really on the ball. I can say in all sincerity, I will not return to this restaurant, and I do not recommend it. After dropping $100.00 for my partners and my meal, we left and hit the grocery store on the way home for something to eat!!! Overall, I give this restaurant a 2.5 thumbs down out of 5.

2.5 thumbs