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A few posts back I had mentioned that I had been using an expensive age defying hair care line called Caviar, by Alterna. This product which I gave rave reviews for can be purchased at Sephoras. In said post, I had mentioned claims made by other companies that offered the same or similar results as Caviar and that of all the products I had tried, none of them were as successful as Caviar. Now these products that I had mentioned were not claiming to be anti aging products. Forgive me if I mislead you. What I meant was, on their websites, advertisements, and on commercials they made claims that they did the same things for hair that Caviar did. They did not directly compare themselves to Caviar though. Anyway, moving forward, shortly after I posted that review I happened to see a television commercial for a line that Pantene Pro V was launching.Pantene An age defying series. Now with absolution, they were claiming to add youth, bounce, life, density, shine, and moisture to hair. Reviving hair to 10 years younger than it currently appeared. So, off to the drugstore I went.

On the shelf I had two options; I could buy full size shampoo, conditioner, and their revolutionary after shower product “Advanced Thickening Treatment”, or I could buy a trial size trio. So, for $10.00 I bought the trial size. Which were the same size as my trial size Caviar (which I paid $18.00 for). For the past week I have been using the new Pantene products religiously. At first use in the shower, immediately my hair felt unknotted, smooth, and silky. But it took me forever to rinse it out of my hair. FYI, I rinse my hair with luke warm water only. After the shower, I used the thickening treatment as directed. Like I do with Caviar, I allowed my hair to dry naturally. That day, my hair was shiny, soft, manageable, and visibly smoother on the ends. The next morning, my hair still felt really clean and smooth, but was kinda rats nesty (yes I am making up words now) and matted at the back of my head. Nothing abnormal compared to when I use regular shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore. The next time I showered, I repeated the process. This time, after applying the thickening treatment I applied a heat sealer and then proceeded to blow dry, then straight iron my hair. It was shiny, and soft, but it wasn’t flowy as if I had just got my hair cut. Which is one of the things I LOVE about Caviar – I always look like I just had a hair cut when I use it. Over the rest of the week, I continued to use the Pantene line and varied processes following the 3rd step. Here is my conclusion: First use, amazing! The more I used it, the less it seemed to live up to its claims. Today I showered and used my Caviar for the first time in just over a week and you know what? I don’t know why anyone would ever use anything else! For the price, if you are 25-30, maybe this product is satisfactory. But for 35+ I know first hand that it doesn’t hold a candle to Caviar. I will not buy it again, nor will I endorse it. I give it 2 bubbles out of 5.

2 bubbles