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Summer is nearing its end, so time will soon be in abundance (hopefully). Time to pick up where I left off.

This week I want to review bathroom cleansers. I’m sure you are thinking to yourself how exciting my summer must have been lol. Or maybe that I am a clean freak. Well clean is good, but I sure don’t like taking a whole day to do it so I am always looking for ways to cut the time and make it easier on my back. Anyway, in the last few years I have used Mr.Clean, Pine Sol, Lysol, Vim, Comet, Clorox, and I think that is all. Of those mentioned, I have used a few varieties or forms of what was available. The only cleaner I have left off the list, the one that works the best: Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, blue foam that turns white after it has virtually disintegrated the gunk in your tub, sink, on your faucets, shower doors, or shower walls.

This stuff is the bomb. No lie. My dad is staying with us for a while and he is a grease monkey. He spends his days working on building engines for pro race go karts so when he gets in the shower, grease transfers from him to the surfaces in the stall. Not to mention that my husband is a concrete worker. Yup. Concrete. You know, the stuff that stiffens after you add water to it so extensively that you can build a house on it. After 3-5 days of those two showering I can barely tell what colour my shower stall is.

ALL the products I listed above began with a soft cloth dampened and coated with cleanser. A good wipe down of the surfaces in my shower, which after about 10 minutes of back and forth, up and down, over and over rubbing till I thought my arms would fall off I had no choice but to give in and switch from a soft cloth, to a scratch pad. Then again, repeat; dampen, coat, scrub. Good times. Not to mention how some of the products required a long wet down afterward to rinse off the residue, and how some of them required hand drying to get back the shiny finish of a fresh, new shower stall. That all blew chunks! It hurts, stinks, and takes way too much time and effort. Enter Scrubbing Bubbles.

Seriously, this is how it goes. I wait until the shower stall is dry from the last user. I then pull back the curtains, open the spray can, and lightly sweep back and forth, up and down until the entire surface of the shower stall and faucets are blue. I then head off to clean the mirror, fold some laundry, eat a cookie, whatever. I walk away for like 5 minutes. I come back, grab a soft cloth, get it soaking wet, then wipe everything down. In one wipe, a shiny surface is all that’s left. Here is the best part, if I am in a hurry I don’t use a cloth. I just use the shower head to rinse the shower with warm water. Done. That’s it. Oh, and did I mention that it air dries streak free, and with no water spots?! I love this stuff. I even use it in my kitchen sink (stainless steel that doesn’t seem to be so stainless). Say goodbye to calcium, lime, rust, spots and whatever you don’t want to know your husband has dumped in there that he brought in from the garage :O . Once every 2 weeks keeps my kitchen sink looking truly brand new.


Here is the only thing that you got to be careful of. Buying the right one! Scrubbing Bubbles seems to have a few different shower foam products and I have learned through trial and error that the one I in the review is the only one that worked like that. So make sure you read the can carefully!

I give this product a 5 sponges out of 5! Happy cleaning 🙂