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I,m gonna make this short and not so sweet.

Cascade recently introduced us to their new dishwasher detergent: Cascade Platinum

platinum cascadeall in one cascade

It retails for about the same price as their older one: Cascade All In One

So I thought I would stray from the all in one and take the platinum out for a spin. My recommendation is as follows: DO NOT waste your money. Yes it is the same price, but I literally have to use 2 pouches of the Platinum in one wash cycle to yield the same results as the all in one. One pouch in the pre wash, and the other in the main wash compartment. Essentially I am paying twice what I normally pay to do my dishes now. As soon as I am done with this bucket, I am going back to my tried, tested, and true Cascade All In One.

Cascade platinum, you get 2 suds out of 5.

2 bubbles