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*Update: I recently came up with a new facial toner and found that after washing my face with Boscia, my toner soaked cotton pad would be dirty. I switched to Murad for cleansing and what do you know, no more dirty toner pads, and my skin is now healing with minimal acne if any. Sorry Boscia, I rescind my former 2 sud rating. You get a flat-out, well deserved 0 out of 5!

I can’t hide it, and as much as I try to cover it up, if you actually look at my face you will see the acne and scars left by past acne. Good times. Funny thing, in case I didn’t mention it before, I can count on one hand how many acne outbreaks I had in my teen years. My acne didn’t actually show up until I was in my early 20’s. I have talked with many a doctor about this, and they all tell me there is no chance there is any relation, but this is a fact: I began developing cystic acne on my chin about a month after having surgery on my jaw. I had to get surgery because I had developed a growth along my jaw line, near a lymph node. The biopsy and MRI were inconclusive so they felt it would be best to rid me of the lump, especially considering that it was growing in mass; more than doubling in size in only 5 months. Surgery and stitches left a scar that I was prepared for. But the acne and scars I have acquired since my surgery… well I was not prepared for that. Anyway, since then I get regular cystic acne on my chin (1-3 times a month), and then inside my mouth directly behind the epidermal cyst I end up with canker sores (my lower inner lip along my lower gum line). Super good times! Like I was saying, I have talked with doctors and voiced my concerns that the issues may be linked to my surgery, but they all dismiss that as even a possibility. Gotta love doctors and the God complex. So what measures have I taken to rid my acne? Too many to count. Endless home remedies, total lifestyle changes, and I have changed my diet several times in hopes that ridding certain foods known to cause acne may assist in the cease of the acne attacks. Example, I tried pro active for 2 years, which was a bust and caused some weird tan lines on my face in the summer. I have tried toothpaste, lemon, polysporon, hydro cortisone, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, raw eggs, all types of fruit and vegetable and other kitchen concoctions/home remedies. I even tried elmers white glue! I have tried every vitamin supplement known to fight acne, no help there – just a lot of wasted money and weird side effects. I went vegan for 6 months. No help. I gave up smoking, smoke free for 2 years now, and though im glad I quit smoking for other reasons, it has not helped with my acne. I gave up caffeine for 6 months, didn’t help. I gave up drinking alcohol for 6 months, again a futile effort. And then I went all natural skin care and surprisingly that made it even worse! So I now have massive acne on my forehead as well. Awesome super good times!! Currently, I am on a dairy free diet composed mainly of fruits, veggies, protein, sugar-free and almost gluten-free (100% whole grains only, one serving per day at max), and all my makeup products are acne fighting, I do masks with pure honey alternating with active charcoal masks 2-3 times a week, and once to twice a month I do green clay masks (I had the green clay imported from Italy). I drink tons of water, and workout 6 days a week. For facial moisturizer I sometimes use 99% pure aloe gel (can’t seem to find 100% pure, any suggestions where to buy?), but mostly use clarified cosmetic grade shea butter with pure lavender and tea tree essential oils. The only real chemical that I use on my face is Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser.boscia Now, being a writer and a critic in particular, I tend to do my homework when it comes to expensive products. And as much as I love a good marketing campaign, nothing means more to me than the wisdom of my peers. Seriously, I pretty well don’t buy anything until I have researched the reviews of product users – and never on the product manufacturers site. I use at least 3 sites on a regular basis, and read at least 20 reviews – both the good and the bad. Boscia supposedly would clear my skin in 3 days. It has been about a month and a half now and my acne is still there. In full swing. No change at all. The only thing I like about the Boscia, my face does feel very clean and refreshed after use. But it’s not doing what it is supposed to, and it’s not doing for me what I have read in other reviews. I am guessing (that means my opinion, not fact lol) that the teen reviewers are the majority of the people experiencing success with it. So would I recommend it? No. Would I buy it again? No. My opinion, 2 suds out of 5.