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Riddick. After pitch black I was intrigued. After the chronicles of Riddick I was addicted. And after the latest Riddick, I am disappointed. Riddick3-home

I will not spoil this movie, so no details. Only broad strokes. As soon as we left the theater we compared notes and both my husband and I agreed that it seemed as though the movie was not written by the Chronicles writers. Things that Riddick said in this film were things the Riddick we have come to know and love, would never say. He was obscene in this latest demolition of one of the greatest characters ever. Which by the way is actually part 4 because the 3rd film in the franchise was “The Chronicles of Riddick Dark Fury”. I have the set and on the cover it is called “The Franchise Collection, Vin Diesel, Riddick Trilogy”. My guess is that a lot of people didn’t know there was already a 3rd, probably because it was animated. Anyway, back to the point. This Riddick was weak, vulnerable, and scared. What the hell is that? Part of what makes Riddick so great is how inhuman he is! While his character did maintain some of his intense qualities, it seems as though the producers mashed in some of Vin’s “Fast and Furious” character. Not cool!

The story in this film was out drawn and a little stale. The whole film could have been condensed into 1 hour. Regurgitated creature compilations, nothing we haven’t seen before. Definitely not the direction I thought the picture was going in. And heavy sexual undertones, which if you have watched Pitch Black and Chronicles you would know are things that the character Riddick has little to no interest in. In the other Riddick films on the matter of sexuality he is dignified, almost gentlemanly. In this new film, he’s just gross.

The last point that blew the movie for me was the implication that homosexuality is a choice. If I were gay and I saw that movie I would be some pissed off. Simply offensive. Swing and a miss. I have no choice but to give this movie a 2 reels out of 5. Sad, so so sad.

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