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So yes it is Friday, and I should be posting my “Friday Funnies”, but it is also valentine’s day 🙂 I love valentine’s day. Not for the corny stuffies, sappy cards and grocery store roses. No sir, for me, it’s all about the chocolate.

I don’t actually think I could survive without chocolate. In desperate times I am even willing to endure American chocolate (ie Hershey’s – who in the hell thinks that shite is good?). I am so blessed to be a European Canadian. I get the elite chocolate experience as often as possible; chocolate shops set up like deli’s or bakeries, pick and choose each individual piece (for a small fortune) and savor every bit of them. But enough about me. The reason I am writing this particular blog is to single out an amazing find for the true chocolate lover. Please visit their site to get a true chocolate indulgence.

Purdy's Almost Perfect Chocolate Selection

Purdy’s Almost Perfect Chocolate Selection

3lbs of assorted Purdy’s chocolates for only $39.95 + tax and shipping. How can they be that price you ask? Because they are the “almost perfect” chocolates that come off the assembly line not quite as pretty as the showcase chocolates. Still, damn fine chocolate. Now if only I could getBernard Callebaut Bernard Callebaut on board and following suit. Maybe this post will end up in the right hands and it will be done. One can dream.

Happy chocolate Valentine’s day.