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Eureka! I have finally succeeded where so many of us have failed. I kid you not! This is it, don’t be looking any further. And it is not as messy or difficult as some other people’s methods, not to mention that you don’t have to go to any sort of specialty store. Any grocery, Bodega, or drugstore will do. Sound too good to be true? You tell me…

syn hair bf and aft

Believe me now? Alright, so now that I got your attention, first thing – this was a cheap wig. Under $30.00. It was brand new, and I had not done anything to is. I read a few methods online and tried 2 in inconspicuous places. Neither method worked so I won’t go into detail, just know that ink did not work no matter what I did with it!

This is a picture of the exact box I purchasedNow here are the instructions for results like above:

– Buy a non permanent hair colour that is darker than the colour of the wig, open the box and pitch the conditioner in the garbage unless you want to use it on your real hair

*for this, I chose a $3.00 box of Garnier HerbaShine I found at the Dollarama

– Grab a big stainless steel pot, a plastic grocery store bag, and a decent pair of rubber/latex gloves (the ones that are supplied in the box are always junk)

– Mix the dye as outlined by the instructions on the box

– Line the pot with the plastic bag

– Saturate the dry wig completely and evenly starting at the roots/cap working your way down to the tips (use up every last bit of the dye no matter if it is a short wig or a long one)

– Now take a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and give the wig a good misting as evenly as possible, then massage it in gently to coat every strand

– Fold the remaining plastic from the grocery bag over top of the wig loosely (kinda think of it like a greenhouse type of deal) and leave the pot with the wig in it to sit for about an hour

*now you have time to clean up any mess you just made and of course eat something with chocolate in it

– After the hour is up, pull the bag with the wig in it out of the pot and fill the pot half full with lukewarm water

– Take the wig out of the bag and place it in the pot of water

– Swish it around gently for a few minutes, then place the pot in the bat tub under the faucet and begin filling the pot with lukewarm water

– Continue to swish gently with the water running constantly until the water runs clear

*alternatively you can fill the bottom of the tub with water, swish, empty the tub, fill the tub, swish some more and repeat this process until the water runs clear

– Once the water is clear, gently place the wig on a very absorbent towel, fold the towel to cover the wig completely, then pat down to absorb as much water as possible, if necessary repeat the drying process with a fresh dry towel

– Open the towel, remove the wig, then drape the wig across a dry portion of the towel so it may air dry (every so often pick the wig up, gently shake it, then lie it down on the other side)

Voila! After it has air-dried, it is good to go. Keep in mind that you can’t dye the synthetic wig lighter, only darker than original. Also be aware that it is impossible to determine the exact colour the wig will turn out. All I can say is pick a dye that is in the direction you want your hair to end up. I haven’t tried it yet, but I may do one more color on this hairpiece, just to try to get the auburn out of it more.

Anyway, I know this wasn’t a review, but whatever. Still useful information. Good luck, if you have any questions shoot me an email. If you try my method, let me know how it goes.