Ever hear of the LofaBed? Me either… until just a few days ago. Check it out!

In the pursuit of a solution to a very common issue in Alberta, I have been searching for a bed which would also function as a sofa. The emphasis however being on the bed part. Simply put, this sofa/bed combination is in fact going to be the daily use bed for my husband and I for at least 1.5 years. Potentially much longer. Obviously, no Walmart $150.00 futon is gonna cut it.

So began the hunt. Starting with Futons made locally by Futon specialists was, in my opinion, the easiest most direct way to get the best product available. As it turns out, the large chain stores catering to the masses have all but dominated the sleeper bed corner of modern furniture. Yes, mass produced inferior products at a price as low as the product quality itself seem to meet todays standards. Way to go. Sad, so so sad. The bar just keeps dropping. But that is a post for another day. Back to the point here, all of the Futon stores that existed in Edmonton have virtually died off one by one over the last several years. I was only able to find one still up and running, but by the time I made my second attempt to get a hold of them, their number had already been disconnected. Looking at what Walmart, Jysk, The Brick, IKEA and Leon’s had to offer, it became quite clear to me that no good night’s rests were in my future. As aforementioned, the Futons most readily available are dirt cheap and truly not worth the money. They seem like a good value… on paper. But not on my back, nor yours I’m sure! At that stead, the Futons got tossed into the no go pile.

Now onto actual sofa beds and hide a beds. The exact same issues as with Futons, but worse. The ones that were cheap, were apparently cheap, so those were not an option. The ones that were expensive, as unbelievable as it is, were actually more uncomfortable and less aesthetically pleasing than  most of the futons I looked at. Who buys this stuff?! To that end I figured I had only one option left; the Murphy Bed.

Elusive, the Murphy Bed stays well hidden from it’s predator; the common consumer. Not only are they difficult to distinguish from their surroundings, they are almost impossible to find. And the ones that function as a sofa as well as a bed, it seems only ancient scribbling’s remain leaving the hunter to wonder if they ever truly existed at all. Perhaps they were a legend of tribes from long ago 😛

When I finally did manage to track down the Murphy Beds, the prices… beyond ridiculous. I had to wonder if they were laden with diamonds and rubies?! As for the quality, I am sure that they must be a good product, because nobody would ever buy something way overpriced because of a silly thing like a brand name!

On the verge of losing all hope I noticed a link I had not clicked on in my Google search for “sofa beds Canada”. With little enthusiasm, I clicked on the link. I gotta say, I was surprised… pleasantly. I had finally found the ideal product.


At first, second, and third glance I can say in all sincerity that I can’t imagine that anyone would ever know it was a sleeper (unless you told them). They’re gorgeous! So naturally I became leery thinking that they must cost a fortune. Boy howdy was I mistaken! A full/double sized bed concealed in a beautiful and comfortable sofa also serving as a storage unit for less than $1000.00 (Canadian) including taxes and shipping to Edmonton!!! No, I’m serious. This is no joke. Custom made, affordable, multi functional, beautiful, durable, and Canadian made. What more can I say?!

On their website they have an area where you can design your own sofa within their preconceived styles and fabrics. After fidgeting around with said sofa designer program, I got in touch with Mitch; the man behind the ingenuity of this incredible sleeper bed system. His level of customer service was completely parallel to the quality and craftsmanship of his product. He was eager to offer advice, answer questions, and provide estimates. I can say this for certain, when it comes time for me to purchase my sofa sleeper, LofaBed is the ONLY place I will shop. I will update you all when my sleeper arrives. Until then, remember that clarity is the essence of true communication.