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I don’t do spoilers, so I won’t give anything pertinent away. Cross my heart.

It may be gory, there are sexually suggestive scenes… with almost zero nudity, but aside from that I see no reason why this film would be inappropriate for anyone age 12 and up. They see way worse in regular TV shows and music videos.


This is the best independent film I have ever seen! I know that is a pretty big statement, but I truly weighed it out in my head. I was blown away, my eyes glued to the screen right from the opening credits, my jaw on my lap for the last 3/4 of the film. I can’t even count how many big Hollywood productions I have seen that don’t have half the creativity or imagination. Not to mention that this film had great acting. Very talented cast. Again, better than half the garbage being pumped out of LA these days. The makeup and effects in this film rival AMC’s staff, the writing and directing were real with an artistic edge that wasn’t distracting but actually complimentary to the film. I hope that this picture gets the attention that it deserves. Eric England, well done.

If you like thrillers, horrors, apocalyptic or suspense films, if you are interested in medical science, biology and disease or infections, this is a film you will appreciate. There is a disease contracted as set out in this film. Maybe if we don’t get hold of things this existing disease could mutate to Eric England’s concept. BTW, I noticed that there are trailers on YouTube and that some simpleton declared this to be a “lesbian horror film”. Honestly, if that is as much as some people can get from a film of this caliber, wow. Time to thin the herd. I give this film a 5 reels out of 5. An absolute must see.

reel 5 of 5