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I look like a cherub. You know, those fat little babies with wings from old paintings. This is new, and I don’t like it. I am uncertain of my weight exactly, I have been having my husband keeping an eye on my weight for me, but I do know my body and am petrified of what is happening to it.

My stress level since the beginning of March has been through the roof. I have had some of the worst experiences of my life, so its no big surprise that I have put on at least 25lbs in such a short period of time. I won’t go into detail more than to say that my entire life flipped upside down, turned inside out, and went from on the right path, to bound and drug kicking and screaming down a path I never wanted to travel. Good times!

My clothes don’t fit, I refuse to wear a swimsuit (in or out of public), and I am repulsed by the sight of my own body. Nothing mainstream seems to be working; most over the counter weight loss pills I can’t take because they interfere with my daily prescriptions. As for diet fads… yeah, they have worked for me in the past. But due to the destruction of my used to be life, being a one woman dieting machine is no longer an option.

Enter homeopathy. Herbs, essential oils, teas, enemas, wraps, baths, oils, and all sorts of other crap. Yup, really reaching here. Truly attempting to open my horizons and allow myself to consider any and all methods to help cleanse my body and get back my sexy skinny figure. I miss my sexy self, and so does my hubby : (    [too bad sexy hubby got tubby right along side me, I miss his sexy self too].

Today I will address my level of success with the Apple Cider Vinegar (going forward: ACV) Wrap (for cellulite reduction). For the wrap itself I used 6″ gauze soaked in the ACV solution.. I don’t recommend this application. I suggest using actual tensor bandages or even cotton fabric like what they use to wax you in salons, but you will need lots of them and will have to clean them every time, by hand, then hang them to allow them to air dry. 2 sets may be required: one for use/treatment and one which is being cleansed and dried properly in the interim. So the recipe I tried seemed fairly simple. Found on more than a few sites. 1 cup of water, 1 cup of ACV, and 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts. Mix together, saturate fabric, then wrap the affected area, then wrap with plastic wrap (or get comfy in a big Glad garbage bag lol), cover with blanket, then wait 2-4 hours, or even overnight. It is best to be lying down for this. It is uncomfortable so if you can sleep through this, kudos to you. The theory is that the ACV and salt mixture will help to break down cellulite. The first wrap I did, I literally did 1 leg only. I also only kept it on for 2, maybe 2 1/2 hours. When I was done, my leg was bright pink for 2 days. And yup, looked like the cottage cheese was gone. But I also noted that my leg looked like an overstuffed sausage casing. My leg had no cellulite appearance because my skin had swollen up and stretched taut across the underlying tissue. Not what I had hoped for. But sometimes a first impression is not a good one, so I figured I’d give it one more shot. So a couple of days later, I tried my torso. This time, I had some splotchy red spots here and there, but no other effects at all.

BIG thumbs down. It was a waste of time and money. I would not do this again, and I would not suggest it to anyone.2 Thumbs Down