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superstay-24hr-concealer_pack-shot-cropAll right cosmetics fans, lets get down to business. Today I am doing a review on a concealer I picked up at my local drugstore (for about $10.00). The product: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Concealer in Ivory.

At this time of year it is about 1 hour + to get to the closest Sephora and back, so in need of a concealer I hopped online and did what I do; research. After reading many reviews 2 drugstore concealers came up on top. Both made by Maybelline. I bought both, and have tried them both out. Here is my findings for Super Stay 24: good short term use.

The colour blends well with my skin, the hide factor is pretty decent, and it does stay on a good while after using a powder to set it. For me, it stays on until I take it off. That being said, I have trained myself NOT to touch my face unless I must. The average person touches their face/head 2-4 times per minute. So I tested this product on someone I knew was used to touching their skin like an average person. The concealer lasted about 2 hours on him. Yes, him. Good friends help out damn it. At first I thought this product was a winner. So, I continued to use it. Now I am a vain gal so I like to look my best at all times. That means from the time I get up until I am ready for sleep I have my make up done. So everyday for a week I was wearing this concealer to hide a few discolouration scars I have; 1 on my chin, 1 under my left nostril, and 1 on the bridge of my nose. After only 1 week, under my nose has broken out in massive acne. I have not had acne in 6 months, maybe a bit longer. Hugely disappointing. This makes this product unusable in my opinion. I wear make up ALL the time, I need a concealer that can keep up to me. So, mixed review. In a pinch, it will do, but I don’t advise anyone use a product that is so toxic to your skin that a smidge of it everyday for a week causes a breakout. I give this concealer a 2 out of 5.Stars 2 out of 5