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Mary-Kay-Lash-Brow-Building-SerumFine, so you can’t NOT notice how skimpy my eyelashes are. They are, they always have been. But you know what? There are mascaras out there that make them look awesome. The only real trouble comes with how much swimming I like to do. Not here, on vacation. Just try to get me out of the pool in Mexico!!! But thanks to wonderful products (like Urban Decay Cannonball mascara) nobody but me and my guy ever need to know how sad and pathetic my eyelashes truly are. But what about the old eyebrows? Well that my friends is a whole other story.

From years of waxing, and yes even stupid eyebrow trimming fads (ice ice baby) I am sad to say that my eyebrows are thin and uneven. They don’t even look like they are from the same face. To make matters worse, the brow hair is black and sparse so you can very clearly see my brow skin. Doh! Like many, I use brow pencils, powders, crèmes and whatever other product gets thrown on the market to even out my brows. Again the trouble comes with ocean and pool water. Forget about using a towel to wipe my face. So like many others I have had to hop on the band wagon and resort to brow serums.

Being a skeptic, I went for the cheapest option I could find. At $44.00 Mary Kay was my test product. And you know what, after a short month of regular use my brows are growing fast and filling in. I don’t know how that stacks up to the $150.00 products I’ve seen at the salons, but I’m happy with my results and for those who can’t afford to try the expensive stuff I can only say this… find yourself a Mary Kay rep and give it a go. Worked for me. I give Mary Kay Lash & Brow Building Serum a solid 5 out of 5.

Stars 5 out of 5