About Me

I am one of the most cynical and opinionated people you may ever acquaint with. I don’t mean to be judgemental, it just comes naturally (lol) and seems to come without a filter or restraint. I can’t seem to help it (by can’t I mean it’s really hard to stop). I am a brutally perfectly honest person, always have been. Being critical goes hand in hand with my brand of honesty. Though I must admit that I am trying to learn how to be more positive in my negativity.

My reviews are straight forward, to the point, generally not a ton of reading, and they clearly relay what my audience needs to know. I’m Crystal and I hope you enjoy the rantings of this ocd, late thirties (uh hem ish), former beauty queen/bar star, new mom, Libra. And please remember, this stuff is only my opinion. I have a right to that, as do you. And I welcome your comments, good or bad, as long as they are respectful.


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