My Art

I have the soul of an artist, and the world is my canvas.


Feeling a bit confident, I decided to once again try my hand at drawing. I picked my cat, Eben (like even but with a b), as my subject. With a nice rough paper and a set of good pastel pencils I was able to feel uplifted to know I still had the ability to draw.

Eben Drawing


Ok, so I bought some different inks and tried out some variations on my echo art (been busy creating as you can tell), but I also tried a whole new expression. It was simply a freestyle ink project with black ink. Seems simple enough, but it was alot of work, time consuming, really fun, and I think it turned out awesome. I think I will do more works like it. It is by far my favorite piece to date.








I just finished these two echo ink projects. Going to try a new medium next time.




This is a bobblehead of my dog. I had it crafted elsewhere and painted it myself. I love how it turned out, looks a lot like her.



These are my echo line ink projects. I love how they turned out and think I will indulge and do a few more.

Celtic Mandala

Flame Heart


My mans Cuban bowl.

My guy accompanied me to my local shop to do some more ceramic work. He worked on a large bowl, attempting to instill a cuban feel to it. I think for his first piece he did a great job. I love his bold colour choices!

I chose to do a spoon rest to replace one of my chipped ones. I was very pleased with the turn out. The subtleties in my colour choices are going to pay off, I can just feel it.


This small ceramic pot was a project for me and my 4-year-old nephew. He selected the colours for me. It’s not how I would have painted it, but it’s cute and means more to me.


This is a warm and sunny close up of my dogs favorite toy. She really loves him, and why shouldn’t she? He always plays with her when she wants to play, he is never too busy for her, he always has a smile on his face, he never talks down to her, he cheerfully takes whatever she dishes out; he makes her happy!



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